Specifically designed to fit with the other parts in your vehicle, authentic Honda parts offer you the same durability and performance that you’ve come to expect from Honda.

  • We only repair your vehicle using authentic Honda parts and accessories
  • All authentic Honda parts installed by our technicians come with a 1 year warranty.
  • We make sure our orders are placed efficiently and rapidly, the same goes for their delivery.

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The advantages of authentic parts

Only authentic Honda parts are built and designed according to Honda’s strict norms to ensure both the part and your vehicle are of the utmost quality. The come with Quality, Reliability and Performance at all times! Make a quality choice by choosing authentic Honda parts.



When you choose an authentic Honda part, you are opting for the very best in quality. Authentic Honda parts are designed according to some of the strictest norms put in place by Honda’s engineers to ensure that they fit and function to perfection. Only authentic Honda parts meet this criteria.

Quality, Reliability and Performance are the main words we use to describe Honda vehicles and the same ones we use for authentic Honda parts. Each authentic Honda part is designed with precision and meticulously verified to ensure their individual performance as well as their perfect interaction with the other parts of your vehicle. This process is designed to make sure that each authentic Honda part will provide you with optimal performance as well as the reliability and durability you’ve come to expect from Honda.


Choosing inferior quality parts is an unnecessary risk. By requesting authentic Honda parts, you contribute to the permanent performance and security of your vehicle. Authentic Honda parts also come with a country-wide Honda warranty to keep your mind at ease. Non-authentic parts are not covered by the limited Honda Canada warranty on parts and their use can also void the warranty on associated parts or systems (contact your Honda dealership to find out more about the warranty).

Each part works in conjunction with other to provide you with high performance. Only one lower-quality part can compromise all the others. Maintain the quality of your Honda vehicle by demanding authentic Honda parts, the only ones that offer you quality, reliability and performance. An easy choice to make every time.


Authentic Honda parts maintain the original specifications and functionality which helps keep your vehicle on the road even longer and ensuring it maintains its resale value.